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Gerald Levy

Impossible.  I have tried the latest version of Chrome with JAWS 16 and it constantly crashes every time I try to access search results using Google.  According to the moderator of the other JAWS list, Chrome will not work with any version of JAWS below JAWS 18. So if anyone else on this list has been able to use the latest version of Chrome successfully with JAWS 17 or earlier, please let us know.


On 3/18/2019 11:09 AM, Andrew J. LaPointe wrote:
   Hi Google Crome works wonderfully with Jaws 13.  The only problem I have is that Firefox updates too quickly and becomes the default browser... I can't seem to find how to tell firefox not to update..  The Firefox 52 also works great with Jaws 13 as long as it doesn't update..  I just deleted firefox.. Andy and Shubert

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I don't think so.  Chrome does not work with JAWS 13.  It only works
with JAWS 18 or higher.


On 3/18/2019 10:37 AM, Andrew J. LaPointe wrote:
   windows 7 with jaws 13.

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which operating system are you using?

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*Hi, I know that this is not about book marks but, it is the only way I
have to ask.  I have google crome and I need to get the short cut to
make google crome my default browser... Fire Fox loads when I click on
to an email or some other link.  Can you help??  Thanks so much, Andy
and Shubert*
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Hi Orlando,

Personally, I bring up the bookmarks in Chrome  by holding Alt and then
pressing F, then release  both keys and press B.  I find that the
quickest method for me, plus it feels most like IE’s  old favourites
bookmarks which I like. But when you are in this bookmark menu you can
right click a bookmark , select cut then go to the folder you want it in
and paste there. I find this helpful if I’ve just added a quick bookmark
without assigning it a folder since its at the bottom of my bookmarks
list and I can just then cut and paste it into the folder I want it if I
decide to keep the bookmark and want to file/organise it away in some
folder in my bookmarks list.


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When you create a bookmark with CTRL+D, the second item in the dialog is
"Folder" where you can choose the folder in which you wish to place it
from among your existing folders or create a new one.

          In Bookmarks Manager you can either use emulated drag and drop
or, after bringing up the context menu for an existing bookmark, copying
its URL, deleting it where it is, navigating to where you want it. then
shift+TAB back to the Organize Bookmarks Menu button and create it anew
using the URL you copied.

          Every web browser gives you the ability to create bookmarks
where you want them in a folder hierarchy and move them around at will.

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