Re: Rearranging icons on the taskbar.

Steve Nutt

Bill, why is it a problem to have them all turned on?  Then just use JAWS and F11 and be happy.


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Subject: Re: Rearranging icons on the taskbar.


Hi, Brian. The Esset icon is already on, and it always comes up in the overflow area. The only way I can get it to display with JAWS Key plus F11, or Windows plus B, without going into the overflow area is to invoke the link that says turn on all icons in system tray.


Bill White




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Subject: Re: Rearranging icons on the taskbar.



          If order does not matter as far as where the Eset icon would be constantly visible in the system tray, the easiest thing to do is to open Settings, search on "Select which icons," which will turn up the setting for, "Select which icons appear on the taskbar"  (and, in this case, it's the notification area/system tray area of the taskbar), then finding Eset in the dialog presented and toggling it on.  Anything that gets toggled on in that dialog will be permanently visible in the system tray rather than being pushed to the overflow area which one must access via the notification chevron.

          I have yet to find a technique that allows drag and drop rearrangement of the icons that are shown in the system tray using a screen reader, though one can rearrange them via actual mouse drag and drop.


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