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one thought I had was that the "favorites" folder in IE you can just put on the desktop and go into it when you wish to find a web site you wish to visit without typing it in as such and clicking on it there, what about the favorites or "book marks" we save in Chrome? is that possible there too?

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Oh, I didn't pick that up from what you said earlier. Thanks.
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But, Dave, you can (within each folder, or by the folder names themselves - though I don't do the latter).

If you have one of your folders open, Shift+Tab your way back to the Organize Bookmarks menu button, activate it, and the first choice is "Sort by name"

If you have subfolders in a folder, just like in File Explorer, those will be sorted first in alphabetical order followed by all the individual bookmarks themselves, sorted in alphabetical order by the names you assigned them (as doing so by URL makes virtually no sense in the vast majority of cases).

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