Re: How can I copy a CD to my computer using Windows 10?


the length of the naked address is the same length as the address of the
original link, but TB was able to give me a copy link location command
when I right clicked the naked address. however, the length is 75
characters. there is an ampersand (and sign (&)) between the =download
and id=. and this longer address does work to download the document
where as the shorter address results in a bad request message.
so, there you go. that's my observation.

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Subject: How can I copy a CD to my computer using Windows 10?


           I can't explain why Thunderbird would not support "copy link
location" for this link, as it's a standard click-through link where
descriptive text is presented to the user and the URL is attached to
that text.

           The "naked URL" for that document is:

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