Re: sorting bookmarks in Google Chrome

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 10:47 AM 3/17/2019, Brian Vogel wrote:
When you create a bookmark with CTRL+D, the second item
in the dialog is "Folder" where you can choose the folder in which you
wish to place it from among your existing folders or create a new one.
I know that. I'm saying that it is precisely in the second portion of that dialogue where I would expect all my bookmarks folders to appear, sorted alphabetically. In fact, there are only a few of those folders, randomly sorted.

In Bookmarks Manager you can either use emulated drag
and drop or, after bringing up the context menu for an existing
bookmark, copying its URL, deleting it where it is, navigating to
where you want it. then shift+TAB back to the Organize Bookmarks Menu
button and create it anew using the URL you copied.
Doesn't that seem like a lot of unnecessary work? Internet Explorer and Edge present me with all my favorites folders. Adding a new URL to any folder is as easy as selecting that folder from a combo box.

Every web browser gives you the ability to create
bookmarks where you want them in a folder hierarchy and move them
around at will.
That is absolutely not true in Chrome. Chrome's bookmarks dialogue only presents me with four to six folders out of 24, which means I must save a bookmark in a temporary location, then go into the organize bookmarks dialogue and move it. At least, that works.

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