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Tyler Wood


Thank you so much for this information.

I'll be giving this a look.

On 2019-03-17 2:32 p.m., Brian Vogel wrote:

           The Organize Bookmarks menu button, which can be accessed by SHIFT+TAB from anywhere in the folder tree (2 times if your within a folder list itself) presents the following six items when you down arrow once you have focus on it:

Sort by name
Add new bookmark
Add new folder
Import bookmarks
Export bookmarks
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When you are actually resting on any given folder or bookmark you can use cut (CTRL+X) to pick it up for moving and paste (CTRL+V) when you have focus on the folder in which you wish to place it  or are in the items list for that folder.   True drag and drop works, too, but I am not having much success with emulated drag and drop in this instance, and cut and paste works (which is a better way of moving a bookmark from place to place than my earlier recommendation to copy URL, delete existing, create new, and paste URL).  Live and learn.

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