Re: How can I copy a CD to my computer using Windows 10?

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Hi, Mario and list. Below are the steps another JAWS user give for automatically ripping CD's with Windows Media Player:

Once Windows Media Player is up, and you know you have the CD that happens to be in the CD drive with focus in the Tree View:

1. ALT+T (Tools Menu), followed by O (Options).

2. In the Options dialog that opens up, navigate to the Rip CDs tab.

3. If you plan to do volume leveling with MP3 Gain on the MP3 Files generated, activate the Change button and select (or create) a specific folder where
you want to hold the raw MP3 Files. On my system I created a folder outside the Music Library, so it is really clear that anything in it is unleveled.
It makes it easier than trying to remember what you've leveled already that's in the Music Library if you've ripped a lot of CDs at one time. If not,
go straight to step 4.

4. In the Rip Settings Section, Format Dropdown, pick MP3.

5. If you want any music (or audio) CD you might ever insert to be automatically ripped if Windows Media Player is up and running before it is inserted,
check the checkbox for Rip CD Automatically.

6. If you want the CD ejected as soon as the rip is complete, and that's the easiest way to know that it is complete (or failed at some point, but that's
infrequent), check the checkbox for Eject CD after ripping.

7. Move the Audio Quality slider to the bit rate you want. There are 4 bit rates starting with 128Kbps for the smallest file size up through 320Kbps for
highest quality. For listening in other than audiophile settings 192Kbps is generally more than sufficient and this is the second level.

8. Activate the OK button.

If this is the first CD you've put in before doing the above, manually eject it and put it back in again so it begins automatically ripping.

Bill White

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I don't use WMP, but I'd imagine you'd have to set WPM to automatically
rip the tracks upon inserting the CD. I don't know how to do this in
WMP. sorry.

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Subject: How can I copy a CD to my computer using Windows 10?

Hi folks,

In Windows 7 and earlier I could use Windows Explorer or Media Player to
copy my CDs to my computer using Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste.
This appears not to work in Windows 10. I like Windows Media Player
best. These are CDs I have purchased or copied from my LP's so storing
them on my PC is legitimate. Anybody know how I can do this nowadays?
I'd prefer not to have to learn a new program but that's an option I guess.


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