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Dave Mitchell

Brian, what you say is doubtless true but I submit that the blinding complexity of doing all of this by ear can be a cumulative waste of time and perhaps an irritant inversely proportional  to one’s  age.  Nonetheless our computers are often a needed connection to well, everything, so the help you and others provide is truly appreciated.  Mitch




From: Brian Vogel
Sent: Sunday, March 17, 2019 9:03 AM
Subject: Re: sorting bookmarks in Google Chrome



           I hadn't mentioned that specifically earlier.   I just found it myself this morning when I was noodling around with the Organize Bookmarks menu button.

           I figure that when folks open this sort of thing they'll at least take a look the first time to see what's there, even if that's not what they're going to use at the moment.  These programs are complex, and often the only way to find something is to noodle around and, when you manage to get a menu open, look at all of it.

           I tend to find that, months later, I'll say to myself, "I know I saw that somewhere," and even be able to use a web search to find where the specific feature is if I've forgotten its location.  What sticks is the fact that it exists.  If I suspect it should exist I'll do a web search on, say "Chrome sort bookmarks" and invariably I'll get multiple pages of tutorials for same.

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