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Rick Mladek


I do not post much but I must state that I do gain a lot of useful information by all participating. I thank you for sharing your knowledge. However, this picture recognition new addition to the latest version of Jaws 2019, I am not able to use this for it simply is not working.

I go to windows explorer and make my way to my photos folder.
I arrow down to a photo
I then hit alt +spacebar and then the f key.
I am sent to the menu bar, files icon where you would choose to close, open etc. a new folder or document.

I ask, what do I need to do to activate this properly?

Thank you all,


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Hi Don/all,
You simply need to type the letter f thereafter to start the process of recognition.
Kindest regards,

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Running latest version of Jaws on a win 10 system. I go to file explorer and hightlight a .jpg file of a receipt. I hit insert space bar followed by the letter p and nothing happens to read the image.
What am I doing wrong?

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