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On Sat, Mar 16, 2019 at 02:59 PM, Maria Campbell wrote:
I ask again, sort of, how do we know a write task is done without sight?
I'll answer again, as best I can.   For virtually any write task that involves a single small file, or even a few small files.  It's just done before you or I or any human being could possibly move our hands to pull the drive connection.   If you've ever done a cut and paste that doesn't involve many, many files you have experienced this directly.  Also, in the case of File Explorer or Windows Explorer, if it is something that's taking a long time you should get a progress dialog.  You can try to force this, too, by trying to cut and paste a folder you know contains thousands upon thousands of files to a USB storage device.  A status box comes up giving you time estimate to completion as well as percent complete.

If I'm doing, say, a full system image backup to an external HDD, the backup utility has a status monitor that I go back and look at to see if it has completed, and whether it completed successfully.

While I access all of the above visually, they are equally accessible via screen reader.  And if you go to try to find a status box for a copy, and none is there, it's done, which it is in the vast majority of cases where a few files are being shuffled around.

What I was trying to get at is I do not rely on blinking activity lights and the like because it's entirely hit or miss whether a given USB thumb drive even has one, SD cards definitely don't, and HDDs vary as to what they show depending on the brand.  My Toshiba external backup drive happens to have an indicator light that tells me not only if there's any read/write activity going on, but whether it's at USB 2.0 (or lower) or USB 3.0 speeds.  My Western Digital drive, by contrast, has a constantly blinking light if it's connected and has power, which gives me nothing of use to go on.  Thus, the presence of an ongoing status from a long running program like a full system image backup, or the absence of a status box from something like a copy/paste or cut/paste, tells me what I need to know about whether there's any ongoing activity to a given drive.

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