Re: System Tray Icons, How to Rearrange in Windows 10

Steve Matzura

You and Mike B have a confusion. You want to rearrange system tray icons. This is not possible. Mike B explained how to arrange taskbar icons. This is absolutely possible, with one caveat: Any new program you run is added to the end of the icon chain appearing on the taskbar. The only thing you can change is the order of icons that are pinned to the taskbar, and the only way to change that order is to unpin everything and pin it back in the desired order. For example, on all my systems, I have browsers pinned to 1, 2,and 3. Then come my media players on 4 and 5. Any program I open will become position 6. If I open a second program and close the first, that program I opened which was at position 7 moves back to 6, and I can't change that because it's not a permanently pinned program.

Hope this helps.

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