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One way to find out: have others try replicating this.

As for drag and drop and its supposed relationship to copy and paste: long story short, but in some applications, drag and drop is equivalent to cut, copy, and paste. This will work provided that the destination app (the program you wish to drop items into) supports the item you are trying to “drag” (copy/cut) from the source app. For example, attaching a file to an email composed in Outlook via paste operation will work because Outlook does have internal mechanisms to deal with this kind of activity.

As for a notion that you don’t need to learn about drag and drop: misinformation at best, inaccurate at worst. There are still apps (and mindset of some developers) that will absolutely require mouse operations for common tasks, including drag and drop (I do know for the fact that, in StationPlaylist Studio, you need to use the mouse to rearrange columns in playlist viewer, and I have successfully used a mouse to do it with another screen reader).

As an extension of my argument from above, should users learn the utility of mouse and touchscreens? I think yes at one point or another. At least having a basic knowledge of mouse and touch commands available from a screen reader may help out in certain situations where you may need to use these interaction mediums in the future. For this reason, when I produced a tutorial set for another screen reader (shhh, not here), I have emphasized not just keyboard commands, but also mouse and touch commands too precisely because of the dominant interaction medium in use and ways of dealing with it. If you want to talk about this and rest of this conversation, write to me privately.




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Ya know, I'm almost positive that's the way it's always been.


On 3/15/2019 3:16 PM, Bill White wrote:

Hi, Jaffar. I was able to connect with Vispero, and found something very interesting. Drag and drop works if one uses the left CONTROL key plus JAWS Key plus NumPad SLASH. It does not, however, work if the Right CONTROL key is used along with JAWS Key plus NumPad SLASH.


Bill White




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Also, if you are a programmer and use IDES as your programming tool, and if you need a folder source outside of your project to be included, the only way might be to drag that source that you need into your project's window via file explorer and drop it into your project. 

On 3/15/2019 11:25 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 01:04 AM, James Homuth wrote:

In which situations will transferring files and folders between applications not work using copy/paste? Genuinely curious, as that’s how I do it on a daily basis.

James, I have an example, though before I give it I will say that I don't even use drag and drop with sight to do this task, preferring the "New" button option then going out and selecting the files I want via a standard open dialog.

If you are using Google Drive, and create a new folder, in the center of the screen for the empty folder it says, "Drop files here, or use the New button."  You can have File Explorer windows open select files until you're blue in the face and use CTRL+C to copy (or CTRL+X if you intended to cut for a move) but you simply cannot paste on that particular Google Drive dialog.  The only thing that works in that instance is drop.

I can also think of instances where electronic versions of "draw the line from thing in column A to the correct corresponding thing in column B" type tests, that are meant to imitate the paper version of same, only work with drag and drop.  That style has fallen out of favor largely due to accessibility issues with it.

Moving the columns displayed in the inbox (and other folders) in Thunderbird can only be (or at least used to only be, I haven't done this in a while) doable via drag and drop.

Because drag and drop is a fundamental feature of every GUI I've ever used, dropping support for it in any screen reader seems to me to be a very, very ill-thought-out decision.   You may not need to use it often, and I actually use copy/cut and paste way more myself, but there are times when it's the only alternative and, if you're a screen reader user and the screen reader doesn't support it, that cuts accessibility right there. 


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