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Curtis Delzer

works very nicely!

On 3/15/2019 8:44 AM, Panagiotis Antonopoulos wrote:

Hi George/all,

First you need to be on the file’s name on file explorer. Will not work on an open file. By pressing insert-spacebar, you will hear “picture”, then you press the letter f and you hear something like “file in progress” till it starts making its description. It also appears on the screen together with the actual photo, a sighted person can also see the description, and it also appears on a Braille display.

                                                            Hope this is of help,



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Dave how did you get this to work


When I do the insert space bar p then I get no choices


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Works for me, and it's very intriguing.


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I have my doubts Jay. Those letters/numbers/whatever they use from what I understand sighted people can’t make out.


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As you all are probably aware, a new version of jaws was released yesterday, and I have a question about the Picture Smart feature. Can this make it easier for us to solve those captias we’ve spent years on battling?




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