Latest Jaws 2019 March update crashing while in Outlook 2016


Hello list,

So, I updated my Jaws 2019 to the recent march update last night. Today after launching everything, I’ve so far experienced four Jaws crashes while in Outlook.

As of right now, this crashing has only occurred while in Outlook and not any of the browsers or other programs I’m using.

My version of Outlook is: 16.0.11328.20146. It is a stand alone license.

Jaws comes back quick enough, but still… Is anyone else dealing with this issue?

I already submitted a support request to Vispero, but as always, I was curious to know if it’s just my luck or if anyone else is encountering this.

In general, Jaws has been pretty stable these past few releases. Thus this crashing has jumped out for me as something to be commented on.




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