2 dialog windows on exit


i figured out why i was getting 2 dialog windows when i try to exit jaws from the systray.
i just found out about setting the jaws cursor to follow the pc cursor.
this is jaws ,control and number pad jaws cursor keys.
this option will reset to off when you change it or when you reload jaws the next time.
this is about the same as the window eyes track mouse with focus.
i use this on the desktop to re arange the desktop icons the mouse will follow the icons that have focus so i can hold and drag them where i want them to be on the screen.
since i know where the mouse pointer will be i can open a context menu on the icon and use cut. arrow to the icon where a blank space will be then move the mouse a little bit to the blank spot where jaws will say the mouse is on the desktop and paste the icon there.
i couldn't do this until i found out about the option to make the jaws cursor follow the pc cursor.
any way, with this option on jaws will open the tandom dialog and the shut down dialogs on the screen at the same time. with just the arrow keys.
until this i didn't even know there were more options availible to me.
i can still get to the shutdown dialog with the mouse when the this option is still on.
but not with the arrow keys.
hope this helps others.

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