Re: Rearranging icons on the taskbar.

Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, Chris. What I want to do is rearrange things in System Tray, not actually in the Taskbar, so unpinning things in the Taskbar won't work in this instance. What is actually happening is that I used to have an icon for Eset NOD32, my antivirus program, which was one of the first icons in System Tray. Now, in order to find this icon I must turn on all icons in System Tray, or, use the Notification Icon to go to the overflow section of icons in System Tray. What I want to do is rearrange the icons so that the Eset NOD32 icon is where it used to be.

Bill White

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Subject: Rearranging icons on the taskbar.

I tried using drag and drop. Although it made the appropriate noises on
my windows 10 computer, it didn't actually work. If you want to do this
the simplest way I can think of, do the following.
unpin everything from the taskbar by right-clicking or the equivalent on
each item and choosing unpin. Now, open the run box with windows+r and
type shell:appsvolder and press enter. This will open a folder with
shortcuts to all your apps. Do the equivalent of right click and pin
any you want on the taskbar in the order in which you want them.


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