Re: Drag and drop removed from JAWS Version 2019.1903.9

Curtis Delzer

there reason is being lazy! figuring their intelligence is greater than those of us who work with their software. I'll give you an example;  many people here use the send space wizard.  If you're downloading a bunch of files and wish to show the original sender which files had errors, rather than try and remember that bunch of files, you can hit right arrow once from where the "transfer" "tab" shows, and you'll get into the log of the transfer since the wizard was invoked. If you wish to show the original sender the erroneous  transfers, you can move the mouse to the line where the file or file(s) descriptions begin, lock the left button down, cursor down to the last line, and perform the marking and drag and drop it into an email to them.

I did this just the other day!

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