Re: Drag and drop removed from JAWS Version 2019.1903.9


I always believed "cut and paste" was an adequate substitute for "drag and drop".  What is the difference?  I abandoned the idea of "drag and drop" several generations of Jaws ago, In favor of the "cut and paste" operation.  I always believed "drag and drop" to be a very unstable action, when employed using the Jaws key stroke.  Beside the Key stroke (I forget what it is now) was very awkward for people with challenges effecting the full use of both hands.   

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On Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 06:31 PM, JM Casey wrote:
It is nuts that a support person would claim they are the same thing.
I have often, during my now just short of 40 years in computing, uttered the phrase, "Technical support is often neither technical nor supportive"   QED when someone claims cut, copy, and paste substitute for drag and drop.

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