Re: Drag and drop removed from JAWS Version 2019.1903.9

Curtis Delzer

what kind of idiocy is that? If they believe that control-c, control-v acts like "drag and drop" they truly have forgotten one of the main idea about original windows. I tell you, "dumbing down America," we're in for it guys. that is bleeping stupidy of the first order, and manipulation of the first order. someone's sure getting lazy to make that kind of determination.

On 3/14/2019 3:03 PM, Bill White wrote:

They told me that in most cases, CONTROL plus C, and CONTROL plus V act as drag and drop. However, there are cases where the object to be dragged and dropped doesn’t respond to the clipboard actions.


Bill White




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Subject: Re: Drag and drop removed from JAWS Version 2019.1903.9


I think we all  need to tell them to unretire it. What a ridiculous thing to do--remove a very useful and sometimes very necessary feature.


On 3/14/2019 5:27 PM, Bill White wrote:

Hi, Brian. Vispero says that CONTROL plus JAWS Key plus NumPad slash has been retired from JAWS as Drag and Drop. They told me that it was an oversight that it has not been removed from the documentation files.


Bill White





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