Re: Drag and drop removed from JAWS Version 2019.1903.9

Chris Hill

Depends on the software you are using, I suspect.It isn't working right here in Thunderbird, for example.

On 3/14/2019 18:43, JM Casey wrote:

I’m not sure if there is some Windows setting I have engaged (or not), but I always see on these lists and elsewhere that people have trouble getting the JAWS cursor to function as it used to in Windows 10. Mine still works as it always has in all but the occasional very very rare instance (I can’t recall the last time it got “stuck), on my Windows 10 64-bit system.


But of course, I don’t really use many of the modern/universal style apps at all; that could also be an indicator.




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Subject: Re: Drag and drop removed from JAWS Version 2019.1903.9


I get that here as well, depending on what context I'm in.  Otherwise I get nothing.


I suspect the days of using the jaws cursor like a mouse and navigating with it are coming to an end rapidly, that's why they are letting the feature die, if they are. 



On 3/14/2019 18:27, Stan Bobbitt wrote:

I still get the message: “Object to be dragged not found. Drag and drop canceled.” When I invoke that command.


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Subject: Drag and drop removed from JAWS Version 2019.1903.9


I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the command for Drag and Drop (CONTROL plus JAWS Key plus NumPad slash has been removed from JAWS Version 2019.1903.9. The command is still listed, though, in the help file, and in the Command Search (JAWS Key plus SPACE, followed by J.)


Bill White




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