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When I was teaching at the deaf-blind center, I had to go through many contortions to make kurzweil and jaws work together to drive the braille display and only talk with one voice. I don't do that any more.

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In response to the initial question, I feel I can with some knowledge
compare Open book 9, Kurzweil 12 and DocuScan Plus. The latter is clear and
simple, not for complicated work. Between the other two, if you can afford
Kurzweil and your scanning needs are serious, you will have far better
results than you will have with Open book 9. There are also off-the-shelf
solutions which enable you to input text from the printed page, and many
people use them. I would suggest, though, that if you can afford Kurzweil,
the sheer power and capability of the program outstrips all the others when
used by a blind person.

Now, to stretch and keep this post marginally on topic, note that when you
use Kurzweil, the scripts invoke JAWS sleep mode, so you can either let JAWs
snooze in the background or you can use JAWS to interface with it, though I
don't recommend this approach.

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You know, somehow I do not think any version of OpenBook is as easy to use
or as accurate as the release just before the Ruby Edition.
Ruby Edition was as close to useless as any product FS has ever released
other than JAWS 4.0. (LOLLOLLOL)
I worked as Editor of a small town newspaper using the release before
Ruby and it worked fine and was quite accurate.


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The only thing good about Openbook 9.0 is the Pearl Camera capability. It
really speeds up reading. However the user interface of OB9 as compared to
OB8 really sucks. They have hidden away many of the capabilities to tweak
the settings to improve the recognition on-the-fly.

Also the so-called audio file creation is a joke, since the speech synth
engine routinely mispronounces apostrophe words and words with quotes.
Listening to one of these is painful.

Other than that, I don't know how it compares to other OCR since many are
expensive and comparison would be financially irresponsible.

Dave Carlson
Sent from somewhere in the Western United States, using a Dell Latitude
E6520 and Windows 7

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If there is another list for this type of question let me no.
anyone on this list using OB, if so could you let me know how you like it
and how do it compare with other OCR programs? Thank you:

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