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I agree.

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Subject: Picture smart

If an automated system could solve those annoying captchas, don’t you
think bots would have render them useless by now?

They are very difficult for sighted people to work out and often take
several attempts.  My wife, who has 20/20 vision has trouble with them.

I doubt a feature like this Picture Smart is going to do much, besides,
you would have to figure out from the entire screen which part of it was
the captcha.

I think our energy is better put toward convincing web site developers
who do not provide a useful audio challenge to switch to a system that
is logic based, or a math problem, etc.

Just my two cents worth.


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In theory, yes, that is if the OCR feature lives up to the hyp. I
suppose the only way to know is to try it out.

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As you all are probably aware, a new version of jaws was released
yesterday, and I have a question about the Picture Smart feature. Can
this make it easier for us to solve those captias we’ve spent years on


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