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Yes, agree with Amanda. Have been using Taxacts since 2004 and as long as you stick with the step-by-step guidance feature, you can very easily understand what you are entering, and go back as often as you like to check your work or edit entries.
Beware of the quick entry method they offer...that is a forms-base entry method that absolutely does not work with JAWS. That is more like Turbo Tax presentation.
So go for Taxacts. It is 99% accessible. That 1% I ran into this year when trying to enter the selling price of my capital gains property sale. The clever folks at Taxacts decided that there was one place where only quick entry was offered, and I raised h**l  about it to their development team to put back the step-by-step in that place. They said they would feed that back to the team for next year...fingers crossed.
But again have been doing my taxes since 2004 with Taxacts and JAWS. And BTW you don't need to have any JAWS scripts to make it work. It works out of the box.
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I abandoned TurboTax several years ago due to accessibility issues.


I currently use tax Act


Tax Act isn’t perfect but it’s been useable.


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I am ready to do my 2018 taxes and want to use the cd of Turbotax 2018 Home and Business.  Is it workable with Jaws 2019?  I’d like to know this before buying the program.  Also I have heard that quicken and quick books have not been accessible with Jaws in the this still true?   Finally can anyone on the list tell about a simple program that works with Jaws to sort expenses for tax time.  I used to use Home Management software, but that company no longer offers product.  I could sort expenses into categories like

1.  real estate taxes

2.  electric

3.  Professional expenses


etc.  Thanks for any help!



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