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Colleen <herself@...>

I, too, use the ABBYY Find Reader Sprint that came with my scanner. I don't need an Open Book. Besides: Who can afford these things? I sure can't.

Colleen If you are lucky enough to be Irish, you are lucky enough!

On 1/27/2012 5:11 AM, chris hallsworth wrote:
I tried OpenBook, and I don't use all of the features, so much so that I use the Abbyy Finereader Sprint that came with my scanner which does the job for me.

Christopher H

On 27/01/2012 00:34, thomas williams wrote:
If there is another list for this type of question let me no.
anyone on this list using OB, if so could you let me know how you like it
and how do it compare with other OCR programs? Thank you:

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