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Marty Hutchings

You have to download the 52 set up file then immediately physically disconnect your computer from the internet by unplugging the cable. The reason for this is that the second you install Firefox 52, it will seek to install the latest upgrade and as you know, it is not compatible with JAWS 13. Before you re-connect the internet cable, run the set-up file and install 52 and run Firefox. Go to settings and turn off Automatically update. Then shut down and re-connect your internet and start your computer. This should fix the problem for you. HTH

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just a heads up: after installing 52, immediately disconnect from the
Internet, otherwise Firefox will detect you are at an earlier version
and automatically upgrade to the recent version, and then you'll have to
uninstall and reinstall it, being sure to disconnect before setting 52
to never update.

or as Richard said, consider upgrading JAWS to 2019 which will be
compatible with Firefox 65.

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Subject: Big problem please help!!

Here is a link to the Firefox page to get Firefox 52 ESR I believe,
which may work with Windows 7 and Jaws 13. Be sure and go into the
Firefox settings and turn off updates.

Milton meant to say Windows 7 will have no support next year, not
Windows 10.

You may want to look into the Home subscription for $90 per year to have
the latest Jaws.


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Your best choice is to upgrade to JAWS 2019 and Windows 10 if you can
afford it.

Windows 10 will have no support from Microsoft after January 14 2020 and
even you upgrade and/or install Google Chrome your version of JAWS
13 will still not work as expected as there has been a lot of changes to
Google Chrome and more changes are coming.

Original message:
Hi, I am using jaws 13 with windows 7. My problem is, my firefox
brower updated and it says that due to my version of jaws, the access
is turned off...Can’t use Firefox. I can use but, very limited
Internet explorer. How could I access the internet without spending an
upgrade of jaws and using windows 7.? Thank you so very much for any help...
p.s. I have to download some tax docs but, can’t at this point. Andy
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