Yahoo! Fantasy Sports: Any Nonvisual Way To Edit Pre-Draft Player Rankings?

Kane Brolin

I am frustrated every year at this time, because as I prepare to
indulge my Fantasy Baseball habit, I never can seem to manipulate MLB
player rankings on the Yahoo! platform to change my personal preferred
rank order as the league I am in prepares for an auto-draft.

I have tried JAWS 2018 both with Firefox and with Internet Explorer.
I have not yet attempted this via Chrome or via a connected Mobile
Apple device. I know I somehow must click and drag, but the JAWS
Cursor does not seem to work within the list of default players that
Yahoo! has ranked by default.

I get that this is a specialized recreational interest, so I won't
bother to explain Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball is about to anyone who does
not already relate to MLB. But those on this list who share my
interest or my frustration know who you are.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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