Re: volume control, can't switch it from my keyboard

Ann Byrne

If your keyboard has an fn key--often where the right windows key ought to be, try pressing it along with the volume up and down keys.

Maybe ...

At 09:39 AM 3/10/2019, you wrote:
You could try reinstalling the driver.
The other thing to do is more envolved is to try spraying some electrical cleaner on the keyboard controls.
Just a thought.

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Hey guys,

OK, this has happened before, but trying to figure out why. Every once in a while with windows 10, i can't seem to change my volume with my keyboard. Ya know how a lot of keyboards have controls across the top. Most of the time it works, but every once in a while it just stops, but yet i can type just fine and all that. It's really annoying cause i'll turn the volume up and down a bit. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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