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Zel Iscel

Thank you for your responses. The draft view works but I’m wondering now whether there’s a way to make it the default view in Word? Again I haven’t been able to locate it in the Word Options settings.
Thanks in advance

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On 10 Mar 2019, at 9:43 am, Heather Thomas <heather.thomas@...> wrote:

It sounds like you were in a multiple page view. You could press Alt + w. Then numeral 1 to switch to a 1 page view.

On Mar 9, 2019, at 7:15 PM, Bill White <billwhite92701@...> wrote:

Hi, Richard. Alt plus W followed by E sets the document for Draft View. ALT plus W, followed by L sets the document for Web Layout View.


Bill White




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I know alt+w opens the View menu.

What is the letter e supposed to do?

On my Word 2016, there is an item called Page Movement, but the hot key letter is c.




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When the Word Document is open, hit alt +w and then e. This will allow scrolling page to page without skipping.



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Subject: Word skipping pages


Hi there,


I’ve just joined this group about 15 minutes ago so my apologies if this topic has been addressed before.


I’m using Windows 10 with Jaws 18 and am subscribed to Office 365. When I scroll through documents, I find that pages are skipped over – e.g I can end up on page 4 when I get to the end of page 1 using the down arrow. I’ve gone through the options in settings but haven’t found a solution yet.


Can anyone help?






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