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I wrote to Bob offlist regarding a forum where people do discuss those screen readers.



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Thanks James.  I didn't notice this was the Jaws list.  The tips I gave below actually can help with Jaws too.


I'm done.


I need a Narrator and an NVDA list as I don't use Jaws any more.




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This is kind of off-topic for this list. Please keep rule 2 in mind. Thank you.



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Don't know any trouble shooters but I have a couple workarounds.



Press control+alt+delete to open Secure desktop windows sign in dialog.  Then press escape to dismiss the window.  Sometimes this sorts things out.


Also press the keys to turn Narrator off then again to turn it back on. 


You can also sync your Narrator settings for startup by pressing control+windows key+n to bring up advanced settings.  Tab till you hear "Start Narrator before sign-in for everyone" and then Use current settings before sign-in. 


Did you know?  You can change the default soundcard for Narrator in this screen?  Helps if you have more than one sound device.


Sometimes we are on the lock screen.  Pressing escape should, but does not always go to the sign in window.  I find I have to move around with tab a few times then press escape.


I don't know why the sign in and lock screen windows are so unreliable.

Sometimes Windows is simply updating and won't talk for a while.


A new one for me is when I get to the pin edit box. I sometimes have to press space bar to edit. Other times I can just start typing my pin.  This is a good way for someone to overhear at least the first letter of your pin if you don't notice the prompt to press space bar to edit first.


Need to send this to Windows Feedback Hub.

Press Narrator+alt+f to send additional data if you have this turned on in settings




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Hi. is there a trouble shooter to fix windows narrator on windows 10 1803. When I sign in, don’t hear any voices, just the clicks and some times doing control windows enter will not turn off narrator. The only way to do that was to power down and then log back on, any one got a trouble shooter for this. Did google but could not seem to find any thing, also is there a trouble shooter for my soundcard.

Any ideas.




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