Re: s s h clients that work well with jaws

Jed Barton

Where do you get open ssh, is it a free program, i'm guessing it works
on windows, and i can ssh into a box?

On 3/9/19, Ben Humphreys <> wrote:
Hi Jed,

I've had very good luck with openssh client from cygwin. It's a
completely console based program, so it's as accessible as any
console window can be.

Microsoft also has a version of openssh, which I think is based on
WSL but ought to act very similarly:

Others seem to like Secure CRT, which is quite a bit more powerful in
terms of features, but requires a fair bit of setup I think to be spot on.

You will probably get more responses to this question on the blind
programming mailing list:

Hope this helps!


At 03:40 PM 3/8/2019, you wrote:
Hey guys,

OK, so i'm jumping into the world with linux, and i need to ssh into a
few boxes. What's the best over-all program to use?



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