Re: need help unmuting volume


this is true, but a shortcut must be created for
the program and then you need to change the last
parameter to a 0 to unmute the sound. as I
mentioned earlier, you can assign a keystroke to
the shortcut so you can activate the shortcut on
the fly. the last parameter works this way, 1
mutes, 2 makes the shortcut a toggle, and 0
unmutes the sound. so the target field has to be
edited to look like this once the program is
placed in the c:\windows\system32 folder

c:\windows\system32\nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 0

you can then move the shortcut to the startup folder.

Legend has it that on Friday 3/8/2019 10:46 PM, Curtis Delzer said:
or you can put it in your startup group so every
time your computer re-boots it will unmute the sound.

On 3/8/2019 7:55 PM, Tyler Wood wrote:

Alternatively this program can allow you to
just press enter on a file and have all volume unmuted.

hope either of these methods help.
On 2019-03-08 9:44 p.m., ratshtron wrote:
below is a link to a page to download a
utility to use in a shortcut to execute line
commands in windows specifily to mute and
unmute the speakers on your computer. download
the version of nircmd.exe for your os be it a
32bit system or a 64bit system and place it in
your c:\windows\system32 folder and then
create a shortcut using this program with the
target looking something like this:

c:\windows\system32\nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 2

the last perameter of 2 is a toggle that will
mute and unmute every other time you execute
the shortcut. you can assign a keystroke to
the short by right clicking on the shortcut
created and tab to the shortcut key and assign
one. I assigned shift plus alt plus v. hope
this is clear enough and if someone else can explain it better please do so.

now the link to the web page to download the
program. O' it is a free utility.

Legend has it that on Wednesday 3/6/2019 08:42 PM, Jed Barton said:
Hey guys,

OK, just had a major problem. I have no idea how i did it.
Fortunately someone was able to help me out of it, but i muted my
system volume. Curious, when this happens, what is the keystroke to
hit with the latest jaws to unmute everything?



Curtis Delzer
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