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Ben Humphreys <brhbrhbrh@...>

Hi Mario,

One strategy is to use the JAWS Dictionary Manager to substitute a space for the text that annoys you.

For example, here's one I find annoying and have added to my JAWS default dictionary:
"Type the name of a program, folder, document, or Internet resource," to " "

When the messages are long, it's most reliable when you break them up into smaller chunks.

The Speech History command is good for viewing what exactly is being spoken so you can create a proper substitution in the JAWS Dictionary Manager.

Hope this helps,


At 12:49 PM 3/8/2019, you wrote:
my friend is using Windows 10 with JAWS 2018 and locks his keyboard
occasionally to prevent accidental presses of keys while he's not using
it for a while, and wants to know if there's a way to disable/turn
off/suppress the announcement on what to press to unlock the keyboard.
he looked at the quick settings but didn't find such a setting. he also
disabled the announcement of tutor messages, figuring the announcement
might be a tutor message, and did unload and reload JAWS, but the
message was still being announced. anyone have an idea?

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