Re: Howdy! New member here.

Tyler Wood


I already am thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere of this list much more than....shall we say, other lists with the same purpose?

Look forward to the reasonably low traffic it appears to have. So long as I can contribute in a meaningful way I'm happy.

On 2019-03-08 1:27 p.m., James Homuth wrote:
That's easily explained. Many people on this group tend to only post when they have an actual problem. Historically, there have been members here who's total post count would be in the high single digits, despite the fact they've been around for far longer than I probably realise. Traffic will probably pick up exponentially if JAWS 2020 proves to be a goose egg.

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No heavy hands here in my experience. What I don't understand is at last look this group had 800+ members which is way over double the size of another Jaws group I'm on but there is not much traffic here.


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Hello there!

Just found out about this list and decided to give it a go.

Other jaws lists have been far too moderated and power hungry, so I'm hoping this is different.

thanks for having me and look forward to the days ahead.


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