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Shankar C

after selecting the screen shade check box and restarting my laptop,
the screen shade does not get turnt on.
so, what I want to know is, this is the default bihavior or, when the
computer starts, the screen get shaded.
please conform.

On 3/5/19, Mike B. <> wrote:
Hi Daniel,

The easiest way I found to confirm whether the screen shade is on or off is

to go into the quick settings menu with, Insert + V, or Capslock + V, if you

are using the laptop layout, and in the search field type shade. Next, down

arrow once and JAWS should state whether it is checked or not.

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No, not to my knowledge.

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Subject: screen shade on by default

Hi all,

Just wondering if there is any way to have screen shade on by default in
jaws 2019?



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