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Jaws key + Escape sounds a lot easier and less problematic than restarting the computer. If a bunch of applications are open the computer may not even restart because it may ask the user to save their work or shut down some application and if there is no sound you'd just sit there and wait not knowing what's going on.

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Hi, Jed. Another way besides INSERT plus ESCAPE to unmute JAWS is simply to restart the computer. When JAWS comes up, if the computer has been muted, or the volume has been turned down all the way, JAWS will automatically unmute the computer, and turn up the volume enough so that you may hear how to get to the volume and raise it further. It is not necessary in this instance to use JAWS key and ESCAPE to unmute. It happens automatically when JAWS starts.

Bill White

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If anyone knows the command, it would be awesome

On 3/6/19, Jessica D <> wrote:
On my HP laptop, its f6 by itself.
I'm constantly muting my sound, including jaws, by accident.
So, I wish I could change this keystroke.
Does anyone know of an easy, accessible way to do this?

I have a feeling it'll help both of us.

On Mar 6, 2019, at 9:42 PM, Jed Barton <> wrote:

Hey guys,

OK, just had a major problem. I have no idea how i did it.
Fortunately someone was able to help me out of it, but i muted my
system volume. Curious, when this happens, what is the keystroke to
hit with the latest jaws to unmute everything?


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