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           If the intent is simply to move an existing Windows 10 installation from one drive to another, and gain space in the process, there is no need for either a new Windows 10 license nor to install Windows 10 using same.

          Since the Win10 digital license is tied to the motherboard, you can swap out system components other than the motherboard at will (and can even change that out were it to fail, but MS has a specific procedure for re-licensing under that special condition).

           If you want to move an existing installation to a larger drive, I'd just clone the existing system drive to the new, larger one.   Some cloning software actually will allow you to expand the existing partition or partitions into the new free space as part of that process, others won't.  If the latter is the case, then you'd have to do the repartitioning to expand your existing partition or partitions into the new free space and/or move them around after the clone.


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