Re: windows 10 install question

John Covici

Also, you could clone your existing disk onto your bigger drive, if
you care about what you have. Note that narrator only works on recent
versions of windows 10, 1803, I think or later.

On Wed, 06 Mar 2019 11:59:29 -0500,
bob jutzi wrote:

Absolutely.  CTRL-Windows-ENTER launches Narrator.

On 3/6/2019 11:53 AM, Jed Barton wrote:
Hey guys,

OK, so a question for all. Let's say i get a new harddrive for my
computer, 1 that's bigger. If i have a copy of win 10 that i
purchased, is it possible to install it without sited help? I've
heard you can make a USB stick ready for install, but wanted some
feedback. Whether you can do with jaws or narrator figured i would
ask. Any ideas guys?


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