Re: Accessible Screen Sharing Software

Chris Hill

I think definitions are getting confused here.  Neither the windows 10 assistance feature nor team viewer, in my experience will allow a blind person to operate another computer.  The only thing that will do that is Jaws Tandem, something using cytrix or the like, or whatever NVDA has to offer.

On 3/6/2019 10:32, Iksi hacker wrote:
Hi Barbara.

How you swich between locale and remote computers?
I tryed using teamviewer, but i can't swich between my and remote
computers. Also, jaws keyboard shortcuts dos't work.
Only usable solution for me is combination of teamviewer and nvda
remote, but if exist solution for swiching computers, and using
completely with keyboard and screen reader i will use only tteam
Thanks and best regards, Iksi

On 3/6/19, Barbara <batterseye@...> wrote:
I have used Team viewer program for a Windows computer. It is free. It
does allow for screen sharing. It is accessible. It does not have an
option so you would need to use the phone for example. Another way is to
open up your word processing software and write back and forth on it once
you are connected. I have done that a few times when the telephone
connection went bad. Smile.

FYI: My sister has an Apple computer and I have a Windows computer and
viewer works for us.


From: [] On Behalf Of Annabelle
Susan Morison
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2019 9:20 AM
Subject: Accessible Screen Sharing Software

Hi, it's Annabelle.

Recently, I was getting some help from my sighted friend, Markus Johnson
(yes, that's "Markus" with a K, not a C), and we ran into a problem with
ITeleport, a software that allows one to share their screen with another.
Specifically, ITeleport is being blocked by Google for security reasons,
to an "unrecognized device". Strangely enough, we used to be able to log on
to ITeleport in the past with no problems at all. That being said, is there
an alternative to ITeleport that won't experience that kind of problem?
specifically, is there a screenreader-friendly software for screen sharing?
I know there's Team Viewer, but the version I have was specifically
installed by PC Audio Labs, the company that makes the computer I have it
on. I used to have Yuuguu (I think I spelled that right), which is both a
screen sharing and chat software, but that one wasn't exactly screenreader

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