Re: outlook 2016 and JAWS 2019, seems to be a new bug

Richard B. McDonald

Hi Sieghard!


Your below is interesting.  However, for me when I follow these steps I end up hearing a series of "try" commands.  What are those?  I do not hear the option button about new features.  I wonder if my hearing these "try" commands means that I have the new features option turned-on?  Perhaps an alt+u would toggle them off?  What do you think?






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Subject: Re: outlook 2016 and JAWS 2019, seems to be a new bug


Hi Steve,


Have you checked if the "Coming Soon" feature in Outlook is turned off?

When you are in your Inbox press the Alt key to bring up the ribbon menu, you should be on "Home", now left arrow twice, here is Jaws History:


I press the Alt key and here this:

Upper Ribbon, Ribbon, Home Tab, Alt followed by H I press the left arrow once and here this:

Leaving menus, File Tab Button, Alt followed by F I press the left arrow a second time and here this:

Ribbon Tabs Tab expanded, Turn on features coming soon Button, Alt followed by U


As you can see Alt followed by U is the shortcut, but that will just toggle it and not tell you if it's on or off.

If it says " Turn on features coming soon" then it is off and your problem is a different one.

But if you hear Turn off features coming soon Button checked" then it is on and you can turn this off by pressing the spacebar.

Note that whether you turn it on or off Jaws will focus on an "OK" button and the message which it seems you can only read with the touch cursor is simply this:


You must restart this application for the changes to take effect.



So go ahead and press OK, then close Outlook completely, wait a few seconds and reopen it, now try to see if you can read those fields with the shortcut keys.

I suggest this should be turned off, if it is on you may get upcoming features which could cause issues like this before Vispero and/or Microsoft has time to make any necessary changes.

I certainly also don't have any issues with Alt + 1, Alt + 2 and so on reading the From, To, CC etc. Fields.


Best regards,



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Subject: Re: outlook 2016 and JAWS 2019, seems to be a new bug




Thanks for that.  I'm using the same version, and the message is in focus.  I can manually tab and shift tab to the info, but it is not speaking with the alt and numbers.  The correct script is loading too.


All the best




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Subject: Re: outlook 2016 and JAWS 2019, seems to be a new bug


Hi bro,

I am using "Microsoft Outlook Subscription Version 16.0.10730.20280"

I am able to  read the sender information with alt and number keys without any issues.

Please verify the focus once the message opens.

if the focus is on the message and if you are not able to read the information with the alt and number keys, then, there might some issues with the jaws.



On 3/4/19, Steve Nutt <steve@...> wrote:

> Hi all,

> Anyone noticed with the above setup, that in an opened message,

> pressing the alt and number keys, no longer reads the To:, From:, Date

> fields etc, instead just saying Unavailable?

> All the best

> Steve

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