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I don’t know about group conversations, but in my view you will probably get the best results with the subscription version of Outlook which you get if you subscribe to Office 365. Jaws 2019 now separates the scripts for this version of Office which includes Outlook from the so-called retail version which would be the one where you buy Office for a one-time purchase price. The scripts for the subscription version will get the most attention and get  updated the most going forward.

Keep in mind that it’s a big step from Outlook 2010 to the subscription version, not all of it is good, but as far as I am concerned Office/Outlook 2010 is not something you can use forever so you might as well get used to the new Office. One thing for me which was a big deal and which started with Outlook 2013 was the fact that I can set up my account without first having to download this old Hotmail Connector or whatever it was called. Starting with Outlook 2013 there is native support for Exchange Active Sync so all you have to do if you use an account is to enter your email address and password and it just configures itself, all your emails, contacts and so on sync to the cloud and if you use Outlook on another computer or set up your account in the Mail app on an iPhone it all works seamlessly.





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I use now outlook 2010 on a win10 computer with jaws/18/2018/2019


IN thsi version, grouped amil-conversations doesn’t work with any of this jaws versions : this is a outlook problem.


Which version of outlook is the best with jaws and can handle grouped conversations as expected?


Thx for any suggestions


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