Re: major windows 10 problem with jaws, file explorer not responding

Tom Lange

While it may be true that something in Windows is corrupted and in need of some serious repair, File Explorer may be getting bogged down and hanging up especially during occasions when you are attempting to navigate a folder listing very quickly using first-letter navigation.  This used to happen to me on older Windows 7 machines. I’d be in a large list of hundreds of files, and if I moved too quickly using the arrows or first-letter navigation, Windows Explorer would crash and go unresponsive. The solution? Turn off all thumbnails, ditch the preview pane and anything to do with preview handling. Not only did Windows Explorer perform much better with no hangs, I didn’t have to deal with those pesky thumbs.db files which were a pain in the butt whenever I’d try to delete unwanted folders. I’d be willing to bet that doing something similar to what I just described may help in File Explorer in Windows 10, too. Just a hunch. Hope it helps.


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For doing a repair install of Windows 10, follow whichever of the three following instruction sets you prefer.  But, definitely download a fresh copy of both the Media Creation Tool and create a fresh copy of the Windows 10 install media using it.

You should never, and I mean never, use an old copy when it comes to Windows 10.

Doing an In-place "Upgrade" to Reinstall Windows 10 Keeping Apps/Programs and User Files

Non Destructive Repair of Windows 10 - Answers to commonly asked questions

How to: Perform a Repair Upgrade Using the Windows 10 ISO file

If, by chance, you want to entirely wipe the slate and start completely afresh with Windows 10, then follow these instructions for:

Doing a Completely Clean Install of Windows 10

A completely clean install will wipe everything, your user accounts, data, and installed programs so make backups and have installers if you want to put same back on the new installation of Windows 10.

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