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yes, i agree.  if it is relative information, great.  but the garbage talk should be left for chat sites and the like.

On 3/3/2019 1:53 PM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:

Why ask for more activity if you left another group because of all the activity.

I much rather have a group where posts are fewer but relevant and where there is not a bunch of unrelated chatter.

I am on the Viphone group, for example, and compared to the traffic on that group years ago it’s positively quiet now which works just fine for me, being on these lists is not my main job and while I also learn stuff I probably answer more questions than I ask. I enjoy that, but if the traffic on a group gets to be too much and people constantly ask simple questions which they could find the answers to very easily if they just took a few minutes to search the archives or Google then it becomes a problem. The exception maybe is when somebody is really completely new to all of this stuff and they just don’t yet have the skills on how to find this information on their own. I don’t even know how often somebody asked something and I provided an answer which maybe I didn’t know in my head, but which took me 2 minutes to find doing a Google search. One example from the Viphone list is when somebody mentions an app which maybe I also never heard about and then people ask “What does this app do” or “Is this a free or paid app”. All it takes is to do a Google search for “App name on the App Store” or “App Name on iTunes” and typically the first search result is a link to the app in question on the app store where you can read the description, release notes from the latest update and whether the app is free or, If not, how much it costs.



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Activity on any list is directly dependent on the subscribers, and on good ones there will always be lulls as well as sudden crushes of activity, particularly in the advent of new releases.

This list is far from silent, but nor is it frenetic most of the time.

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