Re: Having JFW 12 read a phone number as one word

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Hi Julie,

This was posted earlier from David.

From: David
Hello there;

I believe the
Smart word reading is on by default,
You find this setting by pressing,
Insert+v=adjust jaws options,
Now press the letter "s", until you hear,
Smart word reading,
It's probably set to on. Press the spacebar to turn it off.

To do this in the default configuration manager do the following;

1. Press Insert / Jaws key + 6 on the number row or press Insert / Jaws key
+ F2 key, arrow down to Settings Center & press enter.
2. Press control, shift, + D, for default settings center.
3. Arrow down to Text Processing & press right arrow to open.
4. Arrow down 1 time to General & right arrow to open.
5. Arrow down to smart word reading, if this box is unchecked, press the
spacebar to check it, & tab to okay, press enter to save the changes &

Hope this helps. Take care.

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Where do you find this checkbox in jfw12 to enable the smart word command?
Thank you.

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