Re: Adobe reader dc and jaws.

Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

I have always had to turn off enhanced protected mode, even with JAWS installed. This setting doesn't get turned off by default.

Bill White

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Well, it was an adobe setting. In the security(enhanced) settings,
protected mode needed to be turned off for Jaws to work properly. I
have no idea what turned it back on, and why the reinstallation didn't
put things to rights, but there it is for future reference.

On 2/27/2019 20:12, Chris Hill wrote:
I restarted and reinstalled adobe. I guess removing and reinstalling
jaws is where I'm going next since the repair didn't do the trick.

Thanks for the idea.


On 2/27/2019 20:04, Flor Lynch wrote:
Have you restarted the desktop since the problem manifested itself?
If the problem persisted after a restart, consider a completely fresh
install of JAWS2019 on the desktop.

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Subject: Adobe reader dc and jaws.

Well, this one has me beat. I'm running the latest version of both
programs on two different computers. My desktop will no longer read
pdf's. They show up blank and jaws ocr won't start. It is working fine
on my laptop. NVDA reads pdf's fine on my desktop, but now jaws won't
do it at all. I've repaired Jaws and that didn't help. Any ideas?

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