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Hackett, Connie

We have a professor that is blind and our college changed our email system to gmail. I imaped her gmail account to Outlook because she had a hard time navigating gmail with JAWS. Here is a link on how to imap gmail to Outlook.

I hope this helps.


On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 5:16 PM Jim Fettgather <jimfettgather@...> wrote:
Hello, I use Google Docs on a regular basis, and it is usable for
sure, with lots of hotkeys  but a real productivity killer, it lags
behind somewhat, but is possible for those without an alternative.

On 2/27/19, Richard Turner <richardturner42@...> wrote:
> I'm not a Google fan, and you are right, the outlook calendar is far
> better.
> But, are you still going to be using Office, or have to use the online
> Google interface?
> I couldn't imagine being nearly as productive with the Google interface.
> Good luck,
> Richard
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> On Feb 27, 2019, at 1:03 PM, Amy Bower
> <abower@...<mailto:abower@...>> wrote:
> I just learned that my institution might be switching all of its emailing
> and calendaring system to Google products. As a long-term Outlook user, this
> bums me out a lot. I haven’t used Google products much since my first
> attempts were incredibly frustrating. I think they have come some ways in
> making their products more accessible to screen readers, but my sense is
> still that accessibility is still more clunky and cumbersome than e.g.,
> Outlook.
> I would be interested to hear from anyone who is a power Google user with
> Jaws, who can hopefully reassure me that I won’t have to spend weeks
> learning how to use Google mail etc with Jaws. I’ve struggled through
> learning how to use Google calendar because I had to for other reasons, but
> even after 6 months, I find it more cumbersome to use than Outlook. If
> anyone can point to resources where the accessibility of e.g. Outlook and
> Google are compared and assessed, that would be helpful. I know there are
> online resources, including at Freedom Scientific (or whatever they call
> themselves this week), and the Google people have an accessibility
> department etc, but when all is said and done, is the accessibility within
> the Google environment as efficient as in Outlook? I’m not sure I can stop
> the train at my institution at this point, but I’m willing to try anything.
> Thanks.
> -Amy
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