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Amy Bower

I just learned that my institution might be switching all of its emailing and calendaring system to Google products. As a long-term Outlook user, this bums me out a lot. I haven’t used Google products much since my first attempts were incredibly frustrating. I think they have come some ways in making their products more accessible to screen readers, but my sense is still that accessibility is still more clunky and cumbersome than e.g., Outlook.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who is a power Google user with Jaws, who can hopefully reassure me that I won’t have to spend weeks learning how to use Google mail etc with Jaws. I’ve struggled through learning how to use Google calendar because I had to for other reasons, but even after 6 months, I find it more cumbersome to use than Outlook. If anyone can point to resources where the accessibility of e.g. Outlook and Google are compared and assessed, that would be helpful. I know there are online resources, including at Freedom Scientific (or whatever they call themselves this week), and the Google people have an accessibility department etc, but when all is said and done, is the accessibility within the Google environment as efficient as in Outlook? I’m not sure I can stop the train at my institution at this point, but I’m willing to try anything. Thanks.


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