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Steve Nutt

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Steve and Adekoya,

           I cannot find any blessed way to activate the Fill & Sign using the keyboard, and even if I activated it with the mouse, the dropdown menu under the Sign option is not accessible either via the keyboard nor, when I mouse over it, does it read anything relevant (Add signature versus Add initials).  Adobe has clearly done a poor job with accessibility in the Reader DC version of Acrobat Reader, which is a shame since they both invented the PDF format and had pretty much been "the gold standard" of accessibility with screen readers.

           Adekoya, what you had been asking about is an electronic signature, and I hate to even call it that.  I do the same thing in Excel spreadsheets and it amounts to inserting a scanned image of your actual signature.  There are some entities that will accept that, but many will not.

           I have found that PDF-XChange Editor has become more accessible than it had been at its release, and it has true digital signature capability, but that is not the same thing as inserting an image of a signature, and it is not supported in the free version of the program.

           I very seldom edit PDFs, and the ones I have to sign, such as my tax forms, generally download as editable for the form fields and allow me to save the filled-out form, including a typed "signature" which is accepted.

           If this is for a PDF form that you will use again and again and again, and can manage the rest of it in your PDF Editor of choice, this is a time where a sighted assistant could insert the electronic scanned signature into a blank copy, then that could be your template each time you need to use it in the future.

            I'm actually downright shocked at how inaccessible Reader DC is for other than strictly reading.

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