Re: How To Re-Read Download File Path

Tom Behler

Like you, I thought Firefox would always store files in the same location which, in my case, should be the downloads file under Users on my C. drive.


However, this does not seem to be the case.


Many files are stored there, but some files that are uploaded onto the web sites for several e-mail lists to which I belong end up in another temporary folder, which is very hard to locate.


Will have to continue trouble-shooting the situation here.


Tom Behler



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Firefox should definitely be storing your downloads in the same location every time … that is, the location you specify in your options/settings, which someone else already described how to do.

In my case, it’s the “downloads” sub-foldedr of my user directory.


You can open the firefox downloads library with ctrl-j, move to a file, press the applications key to open the context menu, and go to “open containing folder”.

This will open a file explorer window showing the folder itself, from which you can get the path name easily, if you need to. Someone already described how to make sure the path name is in the title. You can also highlight a filename, and press alt-enter to view its properties. Note that this doesn’t work in the standard Firefox downloads library window as that’s not really a part of file explorer


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Subject: How To Re-Read Download File Path


Hello, everyone.


Occasionally, when I download a file from Firefox, I get an alert saying that the file has been stored in a temporary file folder on my computer’s C. Drive.


The file path is often quite long, and I sometimes have to download the file several times in order to get enough of an idea of the path to actually find the file.


I tried using the Jaws cursor to re-read the file path, but was not successful.


Is there a better way to re-read the download file path?


I’m sure there’s a way to go into Firefox and tell it where I want all downloaded files to go, but I haven’t figured that procedure out yet.


Thanks for any help.


Tom Behler



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