Re: Question re JFW18.0.5038 and Braille Output

Dave Durber

Hello Dani:

As an experiment, open Settings Centre, press CTRL+SHIFT+D, to load the default settings, TAB to the Tree View, then press the letter M, until you get to Miscellaneous, press RIGHT ARROW, TO OPEN THIS OPTION, PRESS down arrow, UNTIL YOU GET TO Pixels Per Space, the default value is 8, Press F6, to open the edit box, type 99, press F6, to close the edit box, TAB to APPLY and press the SPACE BAR, to accept the new setting, TAB to OK and press ENTER to close Settings Centre

For me, I found this setting made all the difference, in how I viewed the lay out of Windows and the formatting of documents, using my braille display


Dave durber

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Subject: Question re JFW18.0.5038 and Braille Output

Hi, Everyone.
Using JFW18 with a Braille display. I'm needing to proof documents
with the display and am not seeing things show up, like indents. JFW
announces them when I navigate with speech reading line by line with
the arrow keys, but I was hoping to be able to see formatting like
indents on the display itself without having to use speech with apps
like Word. Is this possible?


Dani .

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