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I assume that on George's laptop the function keys are not set up to work as function keys and he will probably have to press the FN key along with any normal function key shortcut, e.g. instead of Jaws key + F12 or Jaws Key + F11 he would need to press FN + Jaws Key + F12 or FN + Jaws Key + F11.
The FN key is typically between the Control and Windows Keys on the left side of the spacebar, the Control Key is usually on the very outside and the FN key to the right of that, then Windows Key, Then Alt Key and then Spacebar.
By Jaws Key I mean Numpad + Insert, sorry, I don't ever use the laptop keyboard layout.
George, you should be able to make the function keys behave as normal function keys, you can try to press FN + Escape and see if that does the trick, if not you will need sighted help since this otherwise has to be done in the BIOS which you access with a particular key press as the system boots up and there is no speech available in the BIOS.


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The correct key is insert key plus f12


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I am new to both. I have loaded Jaws 2019; updated it, etc. I use a HP laptop 4 gigs ram 64 bit. Jaws will not read the time (ins. + f-12) or the system tray (ins. f-11) Is there something I need to do to fix this?

Also from the start menu I cannot list the program list....can someone give the step by step solution to this? I want to put some things like 'notepad and wordpad on the desktop and I can't figure out how to do it! Thanks for any help.


PS: Is there a free guide with commands for Windows 10? I do know about the Microsoft help line.

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